Applying For A Duplicate Philippine Drivers License

Lost your drivers license? Worry no more. Today, I’ll provide you with the simplest instructions on how to apply for a duplicate drivers license.

First things first, take note that these are all the things you need. Avoid fixers as they tend to make you do things not necessarily needed for this process.

  • Affidavit of loss
  • Photocopy of a valid ID

Just two? Yes, just two. Some will say you’ll need a photocopy of the drivers license and its corresponding official receipt and some would even tell you to get a drug test beforehand. Waste of time! You just need the two I mentioned above and, of course, money to pay for the duplicate which is Php 472.63 for a non-professional license and usually, affidavit of loss costs around Php 150.00 – furnished at any notary public you can find. All these is considering that the license you lost hasn’t expired yet. Obviously, additional fees may incur if it has.

Head to the nearest LTO office [Not sure if they entertain duplicate requests at DLRCs (Drivers License Renewal Centers)]. In my case, I went to the Pasay District Office along Domestic Road. Immediately proceed to Window 1 which is the CSR and submit both the affidavit of loss and a photocopy of a valid ID. They will then provide you with an application form to fill out. Go to Window 4 for them to check for existing records. They will hand you a print out which you will then hand over to Window 1 again. Wait for your name to be called at Window 10 to get your picture taken. Window 9 is next for payment [again, Php 472.63 for a non-professional license]. Last step is Window 10 for releasing.

The whole process lasts about 2 hours and so, depending on the number of applicants. It’s up to you if you will purchase the Php 20.00 license sleeve that they usually offer before releasing your license. Good thing they were not that pushy at this particular branch. DLRCs are known for shoving these sleeves into your throat.

Hope this helps most of you! But before you head out, always remember that you are in the Philippines and because of that it is normal that those with “fixers” are to be processed ahead of you. Have a great day ahead.

PS – You can refer to this link for the summary of drivers license and permit fees and charges:

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