Playing with numbers (and zodiac)

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a fan of coincidences and superstitions. I firmly believe that everything that happens to you is a direct result of the things you’ve done in your life – plain and simple.

While browsing some articles online – which is my morning routine before I start work – I came across one that talks about the latest NBA sensation, Jeremy Lin, and numbers (yes, numbers). Gary Grinberg, more popularly known as “The Numbers Guy”, explains why Jeremy Lin has been successful this year by ways of numbers and a little bit of Chinese Zodiac. (Read the whole article here)

It was somehow very convincing as he included in the article how LeBron James and Larry Hughes did not work as a pair, a list of great NBA players destined to get injured, why Tebow was successful last year and not this year, and so on.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Grinberg adds up the digits in the birth month, day and year of athletes to get athletes’ total numerology. According to Grinberg’s studies, those two sums of one and 11 are very common among top NBA players. "Of the best of the best, 80 percent of the time, their birthdays add up to one or 11," he says.

Michael Jordan
2-17-1963: 2+1+7+1+9+6+3=29 –> 2+9=11

Dwyane Wade
1-17-1982: 1+1+7+1+9+8+2=29 –> 2+9=11

Kobe Bryant
8-23-1978: 8+2+3+1+9+7+8=38 –> 3+8=11

Sadly, I added my numbers and it totaled to 33, which is equivalent to 6. No explanation can be found in this article other than those whose totals are either 11 or 7.

I resorted to checking out my Chinese Zodiac then and here are some things I’ve found.

    • I was born in the Year of the Rat – Wood rat to be specific.
    • The next Year of the Rat is not until 2020 (bummer)
    • The Wood Rat – Despite having a remarkable facade of self-confidence, deep down, Wood Rats are the least sure of themselves compared to other Rats. However, they wouldn’t dream of showing this side of themselves to anyone. Only close companions of a Wood Rat would ever suspect that he or she had such self-doubt. In fact Wood Rats are often worried about downfall, despite their ability to find success. Well-liked, proficient, and good leaders at work, Wood Rats seem to function best when they are surrounded by family and friends. Cordial and delicate, they are usually well loved by family, friends and peers.
    • Rat Health – The affect of the sign of the Rat is energetic, and demonstrates enough endurance to fight most any sickness. Yet, all Rats tend to be tense, full of nervous energy, petulant and prone to stress. Rats also harbor a bit of aggression; yet, they are usually able to control it. Yoga would benefit Rats by calming their aggressive natures and helping them manage stress.
    • At home with a Rat – Rats make good homemakers who are always willing to do household chores.
    • Rats make excellent – Writers, Broadcasters, Actors, Advisors, Counselors, Lawyers, Politicians, Designers, Engineers, Managers, Directors, Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Stand-up Comedians, Researchers, Historians, Race Car Drivers.
    • Relationship between a Rat and a Dragon – A solid, caring partnership. You value each other and get along very well.
    • Cancerian Rats – Cancerian Rats like to be individuals and to stand out. Material things are important to them, but what they value their family more than anything else.

All I can say is – holy shit. These are all true. But the fact I like the most when it talked about career. I mean – entrepreneur, stand-up comedian, and race car drivers. These are all dream jobs to me.

These may still not change my perspective in life but it does add something to it. However you say it, zodiac signs, numbers, are there only to guide us. It is still up to us when it all comes down to it.

I write these essays to express myself and learn more about certain topics that pique my interest. If you have any thoughts or ideas related to the entry above, please leave a comment below.

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