Handy BlackBerry OS6 applications

Recently upgraded to a BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G and I’m having fun with OS6. Shrunk it to leave more space for other apps since upgrading to OS6 will leave you with somewhat less than 40mb application memory. (Read How to Shrink-A-OS from crackberry.com)

Here’s a couple of handy apps (well, for me) I’d love to share:

  • Camera Mute – Finally, a solution to mute the shutter sound of the camera.
  • Menu WiFi – A helpful app to turn the wifi on and off using the menu key. Not needing to go back to the home screen means time saved.
  • OS5 ringtones – For those who cannot move on.

These are OTA download links so all you’ll need to do is use your BlackBerry browser to view this post and click on the links.

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