RT UberSocial 1.251

Probably the last version of UberSocial you want to download. Why? The newest upgrade which is 1.252 include the following changes:

  • Increased the default local timeline cache size
  • Removed the ability to retweet a tweet from a private account


I didn’t read the changes prior to upgrading which got me surprised when suddenly I couldn’t RT (retweet) some users tweets. This made UberSocial much like the much hated Twitter for BlackBerry which was kinda loyal to the Twitter website (ie. New retweet, no retweeting of tweets of private accounts, etc.)

I looked around and found one website amongst many that didn’t link back to the UberSocial website for the OTA download. I wasn’t able to bookmark the site but I managed to upload a copy to my temporary website.

This installer is only good for BlackBerry OS5 users. Update: Installers for OS5, OS6, and OS7 now available. Click here.

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