This will be my first post in webdev so I’ll try to include a flashback scene or something.

If my memory serves me right, I was 12 or 13 the first time I went online. Yeah, it may seem late for today’s generation as we see 3 year olds using iPads and the like. But in my time, that was the earliest I can get. Internet was not as popular back in 1997. Only a few had access to it and I remember using a 14kbps modem to get on it. Yes. 14kbps which would probably take you a whole year before a YouTube video finishes loading. The internet didn’t have multimedia-rich websites back then so 14k seemed enough. I was so into it that I spent most of my time in front of a computer and learned very quickly what it can do. We refused to pay for internet subscriptions so we created ways on how to go online for free. We had a military phone line back then which we used to connect to the internet (yes, you needed a dedicated phone line to be able to go online) as my Mom wouldn’t let us use the residential line. Internet accounts were pretty easy to steal back then but let’s not get into much detail on that.

There were not much sites to visit back then so you were forced to create your own. If Lycos, Tripod, and GeoCities ring a bell, I’m pretty sure you’re old enough. Notepad and WS_FTP were my best friends. I created several websites – some personal, and some I wouldn’t mention ‘cos they were corny. If we count online hours like we count the flying hours of pilots, my numbers would be way, way up!

Web development. Ahh, you were considered a genius if you are able to put up a website before. Better if you are able to deface one. Just like what happened in Australia while attending high school. Bored and nothing to do at home, I defaced our school’s website which got me into trouble with the authorities and the school itself. I guess no parent would like to enroll their kid to a school that promotes profanity. Little did I know back then that web development would be a hit today.

I did a couple of stints in web development during my college years and they did pay well. I got lost in the transition as I was steered into different directions. I was, however, interested in employment so I entered the BPO industry. Being tossed in front of the computer for much of the shift, well, I found my interest in computers once more. And with how the internet is being used nowadays – mobile, social media, etc, a window opened. I, still, can make it big in web development.

All rusty and in dire need of tons of refreshers (still not wanting to pay for anything), I immediately downloaded eBooks about today’s web development scene, printed them, and started reading. Here I am now, 2 months unemployed and just finished reading all that was needed to be read. I am about to create a website out of scratch that will change the history of Philippine transportation forever. I just need time, a lot of time. Just think of a person who learned how to shoot a ball early in his life and is now given 2 months to improve his skills and compete at a professional level. Sounds doable, right?

Anyway, I was just looking for a stress reliever and all of a sudden I have this blog entry. I am, however, not able to give out any more information about the website I’m creating so Filipinos will just have to wait until (looks at the ceiling) November, perhaps? I’ll be sure to post updates here the next time a stressful moment comes.

I write these essays to express myself and learn more about certain topics that pique my interest. If you have any thoughts or ideas related to the entry above, please leave a comment below.

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