Date night!

We were just supposed to go on a movie date but since it was still early, 8 o’ clock or so, we decided to do some shopping. I went to Park Square 1 to buy a computer keyboard while she went to Forever 21 (retail therapy, maybe).

Just as I thought I ran out of luck since the store that I was supposed to buy the keyboard from just closed for the day the same time I got there, I went on to see if other computer stores had it. And lucky me, I found it a hundred bucks cheaper. The wifey also got her clothes at a good rate.

Went on to the movies right after and as usual, bought popcorn, fries with dip, and our favorite Muscle Beach lemonade. We were going to see Horrible Bosses.

Not expecting much from it, we thought it was the usual comedy movie with some draggy bits. Surprisingly, it was fun all the way from start to finish. If we were to compare, it was somehow like The Hangover (which was great, by the way). There were no draggy scenes and we found ourselves laughing hard with the other movie-goers. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for a good time (preferably with friends).

Story goes on. We went home and of course, Ryry was still awake. We’re now watching HBO and Vanishing In 7th Street is on. As usual, she doesn’t want to sleep and I will be forced to turn the channel to Disney Junior in a bit.

Oh, well. That’s how today went. I was really just trying out this blog. ‘Til next post!


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