An Uber-tastic Experience Riding With Uber That Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

This morning, I decided to bring my car to the repair shop to have the carburetor checked. The car had been hard-starting recently and dies every now and then. It was a public holiday and so I thought it’d be the perfect time to cruise along EDSA. At 8:00 AM, I started the car (still hard-starting) and tried to kick the gas pedal back and forth. Another car inside our village passed through me and said there was white smoke … Continue reading →

Hopia! I-check mo muna.

17 days ago, we launched Hopia! ( The purpose is simple. Hold public transport drivers and operators accountable for the services they render and make them more responsible commodities to the Filipino people. Hopia! can be used two ways. One is to report an erring and/or abusive public transport driver by tagging their vehicle’s plate number and submitting a report. The other way is the result – you can search for records by typing the plate number. Probably you want … Continue reading →