How To Have Better Conversations In The Time Of Social Distress

Going through one’s Facebook feed these days seem to produce more stress than the usual entertainment it provides. The omnipresent criticisms on the Philippine government’s handling of the COVID-19 situation and the never-ending back and forth between those who are for and against the current administration.

Also present in all this is the obvious and quite often reckless single perspective of people: either you are for or against the government. Last time I checked, there’s no law saying you needed … Continue reading →

Hearsay, hearsay! The Gullibles Travel

If there’s one thing social media did, it’s to make the world we all know smaller. Never did we have to wait for a newspaper to be negligently thrown at our lawn or TV static to end at 5am for our favorite morning news program to begin. At our fingertips, everything is available.

We all know how rumors, when combined with human’s ever growing need to be listened to, can spread easily. Back then though, we could easily determine if … Continue reading →

Applying For A Duplicate Philippine Drivers License

Lost your drivers license? Worry no more. Today, I’ll provide you with the simplest instructions on how to apply for a duplicate drivers license.

First things first, take note that these are all the things you need. Avoid fixers as they tend to make you do things not necessarily needed for this process.

  • Affidavit of loss
  • Photocopy of a valid ID

Just two? Yes, just two. Some will say you’ll need a photocopy of the drivers license and its corresponding … Continue reading →