Philippine Drivers License Renewal In A ZIP!

Your driver’s license expiry date fast approaching? No need to worry, you can quickly get a new one. And when I say quickly, I mean 15-minutes quick!

Renewing your driver’s license in the main LTO office, or any LTO office per se, is a death wish. But if you have 4-8 hours to spare, feel free to be my guest.

My first ever renewal process was done in a DLRC, which stands for Driver’s License Renewal Centers. Half a decade … Continue reading →

The Dreaded NBI Clearance..

Before I start, I’d like to apologize for not having pictures in this post. I didn’t have a camera nor my phone has a capability to take photos.

Anyway, first things first. What you need to know is there are no such thing as “renewals” anymore. Each and every one is treated as a new applicant. I overheard an old man asking if renewals are being processed and the dude in charge yelled “Wala na pong renewal!” The old guy … Continue reading →