The Flyer That Remain Unchanged: A Boracay Experience

Real Coffee claims establishment in 1996. The last time I’ve been in Boracay was the early 90’s when there were hardly any businesses occupying the beach front of the beautiful island. It was way back before I was even a teenager so I’m not really sure if either we went there earlier or none of my “titas” noticed Real Coffee.

Fast forward 20 years (give or take), married; with one kid and another on the way, I got the chance to go back to the place dubbed as “the best beach destination in the world” by Travel+Leisure Magazine.… Continue reading →

The Nitty Gritty of a Startup

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.., Facebook, and Twitter. I guess it’s safe to say that all of these were once startups—garage mockups. Although boldly used these days, everything had to start from something.

I have a passion for startups. I wouldn’t say I’ve had it forever but after joining one (and a few book recommendations by mentors) I’ve slowly built a huge appreciation and excitement for it. It’s an easy way to get your name into history books—if the startup succeeds, that is.… Continue reading →

Hong Kong, Day 1 — Avenue of Stars

This post references things that had happened on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Okay, I’ll be backtracking events so give me a couple of minutes.

Last time I left the country was a ”mere” 13 years ago when we went to Australia and stayed there for a year. I could hardly recognize the NAIA 1 Terminal but fact remains that it looked third world grade which actually seemed much worse when we finally got to Hong Kong.

Flight was a quick 2 hours and after getting into the actual airport, you could right away distinguish how organized the system is in Hong Kong.… Continue reading →

Applying For A Duplicate Philippine Drivers License

Lost your drivers license? Worry no more. Today, I’ll provide you with the simplest instructions on how to apply for a duplicate drivers license.

First things first, take note that these are all the things you need. Avoid fixers as they tend to make you do things not necessarily needed for this process.

  • Affidavit of loss
  • Photocopy of a valid ID

Just two? Yes, just two. Some will say you’ll need a photocopy of the drivers license and its corresponding official receipt and some would even tell you to get a drug test beforehand.… Continue reading →

Hopia! I-check mo muna.

17 days ago, we launched Hopia! ( The purpose is simple. Hold public transport drivers and operators accountable for the services they render and make them more responsible commodities to the Filipino people. Hopia! can be used two ways. One is to report an erring and/or abusive public transport driver by tagging their vehicle’s plate number and submitting a report. The other way is the result – you can search for records by typing the plate number. Probably you want to check a plate number before getting inside a cab (image shown below).… Continue reading →

Philippine Drivers License Renewal In A ZIP!

Your driver’s license expiry date fast approaching? No need to worry, you can quickly get a new one. And when I say quickly, I mean 15-minutes quick!

Renewing your driver’s license in the main LTO office, or any LTO office per se, is a death wish. But if you have 4-8 hours to spare, feel free to be my guest.

My first ever renewal process was done in a DLRC, which stands for Driver’s License Renewal Centers. Half a decade ago, the DLRC in Farmers Cubao was the fastest in terms of processing.… Continue reading →

The Dreaded NBI Clearance..

Before I start, I’d like to apologize for not having pictures in this post. I didn’t have a camera nor my phone has a capability to take photos.

Anyway, first things first. What you need to know is there are no such thing as “renewals” anymore. Each and every one is treated as a new applicant. I overheard an old man asking if renewals are being processed and the dude in charge yelled “Wala na pong renewal!” The old guy was about to leave the queue until I explained it to him.… Continue reading →

Playing with numbers (and zodiac)

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a fan of coincidences and superstitions. I firmly believe that everything that happens to you is a direct result of the things you’ve done in your life – plain and simple.

While browsing some articles online – which is my morning routine before I start work – I came across one that talks about the latest NBA sensation, Jeremy Lin, and numbers (yes, numbers). Gary Grinberg, more popularly known as “The Numbers Guy”, explains why Jeremy Lin has been successful this year by ways of numbers and a little bit of Chinese Zodiac.Continue reading →

Facebook for BlackBerry: No feeds available

If you encounter the error “BWP Security Token retrieval failed” in Twitter for BlackBerry, chances are you are also not getting feeds in Facebook for BlackBerry. Which means, you update your software way too regularly.

Same fix with Twitter for BlackBerry. Just downgrade your software. Here are the links for Facebook for BlackBerry (OTA):

  • OS6 (v2.0.0.50)
  • OS7 (v2.0.0.53)

Continue reading →

Twitter for BlackBerry: BWP Security Token retrieval failed

If you are reading this, I know. It sucks right? And all you wanted to do was to send a tweet. This seems to be the newest bug affecting BlackBerrys mostly in the Philippines.

Don’t waste your time talking to customer service representatives because they haven’t got a clue on what’s happening and will most probably ask you to wipe your phone clean. But if you already did, chances are they made you do some things that rendered useless like:

1.Continue reading →