Of Failures and New Beginnings

I started the year 2019 with the goal of launching yet another startup. I thought to myself: I’ve worked in several successful startups and I’ve read a lot of books about starting one. It’s about time to give it another shot. Five months down the road, I find myself in Singapore instead with a new job and yet another failed dream.

December last year, I was brimming with optimism. Thinking to myself, how hard could it be? This idea had … Continue reading →

An Uber-tastic Experience Riding With Uber That Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

This morning, I decided to bring my car to the repair shop to have the carburetor checked. The car had been hard-starting recently and dies every now and then. It was a public holiday and so I thought it’d be the perfect time to cruise along EDSA. At 8:00 AM, I started the car (still hard-starting) and tried to kick the gas pedal back and forth. Another car inside our village passed through me and said there was white smoke … Continue reading →


The alarm was set to five o’ clock in the morning after half-wittedly deciding to stay up so late the night before—well, couldn’t really say “the night before” ’cause we slept at around 12 midnight—watching Anthony Bourdain material from 13 years ago and snacking on purely unhealthy junk food. But amazingly, I woke up not feeling like a grumpy 60-year old widower who would rather let the time pass him by.

We were going to our ninang‘s house in … Continue reading →

The Flyer That Remain Unchanged: A Boracay Experience

Real Coffee claims establishment in 1996. The last time I’ve been in Boracay was the early 90’s when there were hardly any businesses occupying the beach front of the beautiful island. It was way back before I was even a teenager so I’m not really sure if either we went there earlier or none of my “titas” noticed Real Coffee.

Fast forward 20 years (give or take), married; with one kid and another on the way, I got the chance … Continue reading →

Hong Kong, Day 1 — Avenue of Stars

This post references things that had happened on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Okay, I’ll be backtracking events so give me a couple of minutes.

Last time I left the country was a ”mere” 13 years ago when we went to Australia and stayed there for a year. I could hardly recognize the NAIA 1 Terminal but fact remains that it looked third world grade which actually seemed much worse when we finally got to Hong Kong.

Flight was a quick … Continue reading →