To Really Solve Problems, Make Them Disappear

If you’ve ever heard of or read the Upstream Parable, you already know where I’m going with this. But for those who haven’t, let me have a go at a slightly different version of it.

You and your friend are camping by the side of a river. Your conversation is all of a sudden interrupted by a cry for help coming from the nearby river. You and your friend run to check and see that a person is about to

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Leave the Damn Kids Alone

One morning, as I was reading articles on my computer, I saw our 11-year-old in my peripheral vision sitting on the floor and staring blankly into space. As my attention switched to her, she noticed it and immediately said, “I’m not bored, okay? I’m just thinking,” and so I told her to carry on.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten is to allow yourself to daydream. There’s a reason why most ideas are hatched in the shower … Continue reading →

Peaks, Valleys, and Troughs

The landlord was kicking us out. Our lease had expired and our small startup company needed to hit the road soon. He was nice enough to let us keep the 200-square-meter office space for a couple more weeks but we had to vacate whichever things we still had in the adjacent warehouse. Inspired by how lean our operations were, he probably thought he could apply the same principles and expand their home improvement business, raking in more profit selling sanitary Continue reading →

What I Learned Working Remotely For Two Months

I’ve been working remotely — mostly from home — for the past two months. Certain circumstances in my job gave me the opportunity and one of them is a project in Thailand which I was managing. I’ve always seen remote work as something positive and productive. It helps the company save on costs while mostly leveraging on the employee and how he or she can save on time commuting to and from work and perhaps expenses on food.

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The Pioneer’s Dilemma

To leave the chasm behind, to cross it and not fall back into it, involves a transformation in the enterprise that few individuals can span. It is the move from being pioneers to becoming settlers. — Geoffrey Moore

I’m a startup junkie. I’ve learned to appreciate uncertainty and thrive in disarray, figuring things out without being hindered by bureaucracy. However, once the startup crosses the chasm and settles into something that resembles an enterprise-level company, I get cold feet.

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The Culture Hype

Almost anything passes as definition of culture these days — more so in tech startups.

So, what’s the culture like in your company?

Oh, we have espresso machines, unlimited candy, free lunches, a couple of masseuse on standby — you name it! We embrace working remotely, enjoy unlimited vacations, and are entitled to 8-hours of sleep every night.

Oh, man. How I wish.

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But You’ve Got To Love Failure!

I love building things.

Notice how I said “building?” I don’t consider myself creative, I’m not an innovator and I’m nowhere near being a visionary. But I LOVE building things.

4 years ago, me, my brother, and a friend of ours thought of an idea. We were fed up with how bad traffic was in Metro. We thought, what if we could build a service that encourages ride-sharing, or more commonly known as carpooling.

We scoured the web for local … Continue reading →

Don’t Work For A Startup

Two years ago, I was unemployed, delusional, drowning in debt, and drunk every single night in front of the computer after days and days of endless coding (and, well, drinking). I was trying to build something visionary, something that would catapult me into stardom, something that would let me cash in millions. None of these things happened. As Daniel Kahneman discussed in Thinking, Fast and Slow, it was a clear case of affective forecasting.

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The Nitty Gritty of a Startup

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.., Facebook, and Twitter. I guess it’s safe to say that all of these were once startups—garage mockups. Although boldly used these days, everything had to start from something.

I have a passion for startups. I wouldn’t say I’ve had it forever but after joining one (and a few book recommendations by mentors) I’ve slowly built a huge appreciation and excitement for it. … Continue reading →

Hopia! I-check mo muna.

17 days ago, we launched Hopia! ( The purpose is simple. Hold public transport drivers and operators accountable for the services they render and make them more responsible commodities to the Filipino people. Hopia! can be used two ways. One is to report an erring and/or abusive public transport driver by tagging their vehicle’s plate number and submitting a report. The other way is the result – you can search for records by typing the plate number. Probably you want … Continue reading →