Playing with numbers (and zodiac)

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a fan of coincidences and superstitions. I firmly believe that everything that happens to you is a direct result of the things you’ve done in your life – plain and simple.

While browsing some articles online – which is my morning routine before I start work – I came across one that talks about the latest NBA sensation, Jeremy Lin, and numbers (yes, numbers). Gary Grinberg, more popularly known as “The … Continue reading →

Facebook for BlackBerry: No feeds available

If you encounter the error “BWP Security Token retrieval failed” in Twitter for BlackBerry, chances are you are also not getting feeds in Facebook for BlackBerry. Which means, you update your software way too regularly.

Same fix with Twitter for BlackBerry. Just downgrade your software. Here are the links for Facebook for BlackBerry (OTA):

  • OS6 (v2.0.0.50)
  • OS7 (v2.0.0.53)

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Twitter for BlackBerry: BWP Security Token retrieval failed

If you are reading this, I know. It sucks right? And all you wanted to do was to send a tweet. This seems to be the newest bug affecting BlackBerrys mostly in the Philippines.

Don’t waste your time talking to customer service representatives because they haven’t got a clue on what’s happening and will most probably ask you to wipe your phone clean. But if you already did, chances are they made you do some things that rendered useless like:… Continue reading →

Free up application storage in OS6

Everyone seems surprised how low application storage is left in the older BlackBerrys (especially those with only 256mb internal memory) after OS6 is installed. Shrinking the OS seems like a prerequisite before installing if you’re the app fanatic. (Read How to Shrink-A-OS from

If that’s too much trouble for you, there’s also an easy way though it doesn’t give you the same great result as to shrinking the OS. All you have to do is deselect some applications included … Continue reading →

Handy BlackBerry OS6 applications

Recently upgraded to a BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G and I’m having fun with OS6. Shrunk it to leave more space for other apps since upgrading to OS6 will leave you with somewhat less than 40mb application memory. (Read How to Shrink-A-OS from

Here’s a couple of handy apps (well, for me) I’d love to share:

  • Camera Mute – Finally, a solution to mute the shutter sound of the camera.
  • Menu WiFi – A helpful app to turn the wifi
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RT UberSocial 1.251

Probably the last version of UberSocial you want to download. Why? The newest upgrade which is 1.252 include the following changes:

  • Increased the default local timeline cache size
  • Removed the ability to retweet a tweet from a private account


I didn’t read the changes prior to upgrading which got me surprised when suddenly I couldn’t RT (retweet) some users tweets. This made UberSocial much like the much hated Twitter for BlackBerry which was kinda loyal to the Twitter website … Continue reading →

Almost done.

First of all, I’m pretty sure you won’t know what I’ll be talking about in the next few paragraphs so I’m going to give an overview.

I’ve been working on this website to prevent traffic in the Philippines by means of oops-can’t-give-it-away-for-now. I decided to leave my job in the BPO industry thinking we may just hit it big with this project. I started researching late July (quit the call center job July 14th) on the things I will … Continue reading →


This will be my first post in webdev so I’ll try to include a flashback scene or something.

If my memory serves me right, I was 12 or 13 the first time I went online. Yeah, it may seem late for today’s generation as we see 3 year olds using iPads and the like. But in my time, that was the earliest I can get. Internet was not as popular back in 1997. Only a few had access to it … Continue reading →

Date night!

We were just supposed to go on a movie date but since it was still early, 8 o’ clock or so, we decided to do some shopping. I went to Park Square 1 to buy a computer keyboard while she went to Forever 21 (retail therapy, maybe).

Just as I thought I ran out of luck since the store that I was supposed to buy the keyboard from just closed for the day the same time I got there, I … Continue reading →