Almost done.

First of all, I’m pretty sure you won’t know what I’ll be talking about in the next few paragraphs so I’m going to give an overview.

I’ve been working on this website to prevent traffic in the Philippines by means of oops-can’t-give-it-away-for-now. I decided to leave my job in the BPO industry thinking we may just hit it big with this project. I started researching late July (quit the call center job July 14th) on the things I will be needing. After a thousand pages of reading, I started building the site mid-August. I started a counter back then and it now reads 52 days. There was a time when the internet was down for 2 weeks so slash 14 days off the project itself as I was not able to do anything without resources.

It is now October and I’m thinking, hoping actually, that the project is about 70% done. We just need to get some data and with some data encoding, this project will be finished. To be honest, I was actually targeting October to be the launch date but because of some unavoidable circumstances, earliest will be November.

A little more coding and we might be able to show it off to investors who will be interesting in taking part of it.

4 paragraphs down and I’m not really sure why I wrote these things down. Was indeed a very stressful day figuring out jQuery and its autocomplete script. So yeah, just getting some shit out so I’m not thinking of it for the next couple of hours. Til’ the next post.


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